Tuesday 23 September 2014

Maklidurga Trek

Maklidurga Trek

One of the most economical trek I have ever been! Thanks to Indian railways for cheapest fare between any places!

Maklidurga is around 60 Kms from Bangalore and provides not so great but a decent trekking experience. The view is just normal if you have been to treks around Bangalore earlier. If you go by train(I would suggest you to go by train. In less than 150 rs you will be done with your one day outing including the expenses of chips and coca cola you buy! Yes sounds crazy but it really does.)

Its about 1.5 hrs journey from Bangalore to Maklidurga station in train. Trek includes 2 kms walk in railway track till the base of Maklidurga. Its little confusing in the beginning since there is no clear marking or path towards the peak. If you are visiting for the first time and in confusion, then better ask some localities or any other group for the route. We missed it and hence had walked extra 2 miles in hot sun.!

Overall a decent get away near Bangalore if you love trekking and most importantly if its a month end and you have an empty pocket but your heart is not letting you cover the blanket and sleep on a particular weekend, then this is the place which would solve your purpose.!

How to reach?

By Train - Train starts from Yashwanthpur station at about 8.00am. Destination is Maklidurga railway station. Walk towards Maklidurga hill for 2 Kms and you are at the base of Maklidurga.
Return train is available at 4.30. (However, the day we went train had come only at 5.45..)
If you happen to trek back to base early, I would suggest to return by road since there is no point in waiting for train for too long.

Best Time - I had been there during summer. Not much forest around so all would change with season is the weather only and not scenery. Would be better during monsoon but definitely not great even during monsoon.

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