Sunday 29 June 2014

KavaleDurga fort

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Out Of Office - Kavaledurga fort trek KavaleDurga

Yet another solo trek of my trekking life..!!!

Its always exciting to trek alone than travelling alone. People ask me "doesn't it bore you to trek alone". How would it bore you when all you have in your mind is trekking and not anything else. Yes its fun to trek with friends but that doesn't mean its boring to trek alone. At least for me. 
Let me come to KavaleDurga fort. The day I visited the fort, I did not find anyone else in my entire trek and it was totally abandoned place that day. However, did not look very dangerous too.There is an abandoned fort and in the middle there is a temple where I heard there will be a fair once in a year however that day I did not find anyone there too. 
Not very exciting trek if you are not near by Thrithahalli. Not worth a trek after travelling from long distance because you have better places nearby and I would suggest visit those rather than this place. However I was studying in Manipal when I visited here. It was hardly 80 kms from my place so it was kinda worth a trek. 
Not a very hard trek, but not an easy one too. Takes around 2hrs to complete the trek.
How to reach - 
From Udupi ->
Udupi -> Hebri -> Agumbe (Can spend some time here if early morning) -> Kaimara (lies on Thirthalli road and take a left here) -> Kavaledurga fort.