Wednesday 1 April 2015

Nandi Hills

Undoubtedly A Must Visit of Bangalore.

Nandi Hills is always listed among the must visits of Bangalore in any of the websites you check about Bangalore. Yes, as most websites and blogs say, its a huge hill which is very easily accessible from the city. But, if its only that much, then it would not actually qualify the must visit place since there are many such.

Even I had not written about the place earlier thinking there are hundreds of blogs saying about the place. But none them actually say When and Why it is a must visit. But mark my words, if you visit Nandi hills during a wrong season or wrong time of the right season, then Nandi hills is not so fascinating and great. I would even say you can avoid visiting unless you just want to have a hill top view.

If you go by car, the car is allowed till peak and if you have aged people or young kids, then its better go by car and go till peak. If not, park your vehicle down and have a pleasant walk of 15 minutes to the peak. :)

The photos which I present below actually speak better than my words about the beauty of Nandi hills during right time of the right season.

Best time to visit Nandi hills - Late December - February. The photos below are from my visit on 23-February 2013

How To reach???
Reaching Nandi hills from Bangalore is pretty easy. Even though there are a few buses, its better to go by own vehicle since early morning no public transport will be available. Nandi hills is off New airport road and is ~60Kms from Bangalore.

Feels like you are in heaven...!!


One of my favourite pic till date.. :)
From my next visit on Feb 8 2015 - We were little late to reach.. :(