This might be the most colourful page in my entire blog. How will it not be when it contains list of Scenic places which I have visited. Not for each of them I have a separate blog post. Hence a few are links to my blog and for rest, I have briefed about them. No one in the world would be able to make you feel the freshness of early morning dew or the roar of a falls or the chilled feel when you get into the pool or even the fresh green look of a forest. You just need to witness it and feel it. So pick one destination, go and feel the nature.. :)

Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakal is one of the finest waterfall near Bangalore. Even if the height of the waterfall is not great, the beauty mesmerizes you. On a sunny day, the area is hot enough to burn you........

Gopalaswamy Betta near Mysore

Wanna Enjoy Heaven on Earth? Ask me. I have seen it in a few places and one of them is Gopalaswamy Betta. I have not yet been to Northern parts of India, or else would have encountered quite a few Heavens.!......

Shivanasamudra and Talakaadu

Shivanasamudra is a place which is one of those MUST VISIT places near Bangalore. But, choose the right time to visit the place as it would be great only when water level in Kaveri is good. There are 3 places in Shivanasamudra to be visited. – Bluff (or Gaganachukki), Gaganachukki start point and Bharachukki.


Bored of trekking? Or in search of a good place for a family trip or a fun ride? This is one of the good ones near Bangalore. Wiki calls it a waterfall but I would say it is not. It’s gush of water in between rocks making a roar and giving some thrill to someone who watches it.......

Amboli and Swapnaveil

A difficult to reach place, but all good things in life are not easy to obtain and so is this heaven. No proper approach road, no proper sign boards leading to the place but an excellent show arranged for you by nature. (But only for a limited period in a year.......

Mandalpatti - Coorg

Some places remain untouched for too long time and suddenly something will trigger all the rush of tourists to the spot. Mandalpatti is one such place in Karnataka which had hardly seen any tourists till Yograj Bhat's Galipata Movie.! Soon after the movie,........

Kokkare Bellur

Not a bird sanctuary but birds somehow love this place. Not in par with bird sanctuaries like Ranganatittu but a decent one if you are there in a perfect season. (However I was not during perfect season, but not during worst season too.) ........


Kept in bucket List for too long time, Chikmangalore was troubling me a lot for not visiting. Its like a feeling to pee. Once you feel like doing it, every minute tend to become hours. Finally the day arrived and I was on my way to Chikmangalure From Bangalore. It was kind of 'planned sudden plan'. This time it was .......

Ranganatittu Bird Sanctuary

Hundreds of Birds migrate to this place from various part of the world. Birds migrate to this place from Africa, Australia and where not..?!! This definitely is one of the most beautiful place in Karnataka and no doubt one should not miss it during the season. Hardly 130 Kms from Bangalore. But make sure you be there early in the morning.

Abbe Falls Madikeri

To be frank, not a huge fan of this falls after seeing a few better falls. But definitely worth visiting if you are in Madikeri. If visiting Abbe falls then do not miss Mandalpatti..!!!

Gokak Falls Belgaum

Visited twice to the falls and both the times were totally different. Mesmerising falls during rainy season and a normal one during summer. Definitely a place not to be missed during rainy season. Visit Belgaum next rainy season and I guarantee all kind of fun to you if you love nature. Godachinamakki Falls, Gokak Falls, Dudhsagar, Amboli falls and what else do you need if you love water falls..?? :) To add to it there are places like Swapnaveil. But make sure you be there in monsoon. Its ok to get wet in the rain and fall ill once in a year when you get memories for life time.. :)
Jog Falls Shimoga
The most famous falls of Karnataka or can say entire country..!!! Visited the place multiple times and each time the falls offered some special experience. If you are visiting the place, then visit post monsoon since the falls will be at its best during that time. Do not miss the famous "Mungaaru Male spot" or the British Bungalow spot if you are visiting. The rocks are slippery during post monsoon hence be little careful. The thumbnail is a photo taken from British Bungalow. Its magnificent to see the roaring falls fall from its start point...!!! So do not miss the breath taking view.

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