Sunday 7 December 2014

Didupe and Ermai Falls - Must visit places near Mangalore

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Out Of Office - Didupe and Ermai

Didupe Falls - 

"Hittala gida maddalla" is a famous saying in Kannada - Meaning we never value what is available in our own garden. Very true..!! It took 24 years for me to visit this place in spite of it being so beautiful and so close to my place. Hardly 40 kms from my Home..!!

It was a much awaited outing for we school friend who did not meet up for quite sometime and at the right time all of us were back home for Dasara holidays. Actually one of my blog post put in facebook triggered the idea of going somewhere and it was executed successfully too..!! A quick check on nice but less explored places near by lead us to these 2 places. Abhilash got his Car and we headed towards the destination. 

Both the falls' are beautiful in their own way and are in par with many a famous falls'. But these are less explored and less famous. May be the connectivity and lack of knowledge about the place is main reason. One more reason might even be that not many tourist places around to make this one famous. (If abbey in Madikeri is so famous, then these deserve at least half of it undoubtedly)

Both Didupe and Ermai Challenge you a bit since no direct road till the falls and you need to walk at least a km for both. 

If Didupe has only one level, Ermai has multiple levels and you can kind of go to the middle level with a little adventure. If you wanna take shower under falls then Didupe is the right place. To swim, Ermai is better.  During rainy season, you might end up donating blood to a few leaches so be aware of that if you are visiting during Monsoon. Leaches are not as dangerous as slippery rocks. So be careful if you are visiting during monsoon. Mind you every foot step near rocks.

As of 2014, the place was decent with less dirt (Although not free from..!) I wish it remains the same even if it becomes famous. Not only these places, but lets try to keep any place we visit as clean as possible because no one wants to see dirt in such serene places

How To reach..?

Didupe - Ujire is the nearest town and didupe is 23 kms from Ujire. Take Charmadi road and in Somanthadka take a deviation. Ask for villagers to guide since no sign boards are available. You will need to trek ~2 kms to reach the falls.

Ermai - On the way to Didupe, take deviation from Kukkavu. Park vehicle near a water stream which blocks the path and walk in arecanut tree bridge.

Photos -
Ermai Falls

Didupe Falls

Mandalpatti - A must visit place in Coorg / Madikeri

Mandalpatti aka Mugilpete..!

Some places remain untouched for too long time and suddenly something will trigger all the rush of tourists to the spot. Mandalpatti is one such place in Karnataka which had hardly seen any tourists till Yograj Bhat's Galipata Movie.! Soon after the movie, the place has gained so much of popularity that today there are 70+ jeeps waiting near Madikeri to take tourists to the place. Daily hundreds of people come here and witness the wonder of nature.!

I have visited the place 4 times and next season I would not mind going there again. So if you are in coorg, then definitely a must visit..! If you do not visit Raja seat or abbey falls or any other place in coorg, you probably dont miss much, but if you do not visit this place, then no doubt you will miss  one of the beautiful place in coorg. 

My first visit was a sudden plan during my college days. Me and 3 of my friends suddenly planned for it and had a good ride from my place Puttur. It was around 120 kms ride from my place. The place was so beautiful that we decided to take all our class mates there. But did not think of the season and when we went we could not believe our eyes that the place which looked like a green heaven looked so dry..! But it was fun since we went for a small trek near by..

The 3rd and 4th visits were with family and I feel happy for showing my Mom Dad and my Sis this wonderful place. Wish I could take my parents every place I visit but that would actually be troubling them than making them feel an out of world experience. :P So these kind of places are ones which come to help you when you want to take your family and spend some nice time with them.. :)

However, the place is not the same in all the seasons. Avoid rainy season and definitely avoid summer. Post Monsoon is the best time to visit. Early morning and after 2.00pm would be the ideal time to visit. A mixture of good view and mist will be available during that time unless your luck is too poor.

There is not much of trekking opportunity. But, you can go around for a few kms and make it a mini trek. 

Road condition is pretty bad for last 4-5kms and it has been so for a few years now..! Rest of the road is pretty decent. But the last 4-5 kms will be a nightmare if you try taking your own vehicle. 

How to reach.?
Madikeri is one of the busiest tourist places in Karnataka and reaching Madikeri is not difficult from any place in Karnataka. Its around 250 kms from Bangalore, 120 kms from Mysore and 140 kms from Mangalore. From Madikeri, head towards Abbey falls and on the way you find a deviation to Mandalpatti. Best option is to hire a Jeep either from Madikeri, Abbey falls or from Mandalpatti cross and sit comfortably..!! Let the jeep driver worry about driving in one of the worst roads you can ever come across.

As of 2014 October, Jeep rates from Mandalpatti cross in abbey falls road (~12 kms ) and last 4 Kms are INR 1000 and INR 600-700 respectively. 

Photos - 
Posting Photos from 3 of my 4 visits to the place. All in different seasons.!

Bike ride in 2009

College Trip (Still digging my HDD for photos. Will upload as soon as found :|)

With Family in 2014.
The same lone tree..!! It has not changed even a bit in 5 years..!!