Tuesday 21 October 2014


Google Hampi and you will find hundreds of pages with description. But that cannot stop me from posting my version of Hampi and What I have seen there.! 

It was yet another solo trip and I left from my home without any fixed plan other than that I was sure I will be visiting Hampi , Badami , Aihole and Pattadakallu. All I said my parents when I left from home was - "Will be back within a week but dono when". When you have time and money, you dont need to care for anything else and this trip was one such for me.! Had enough time sufficient balance in my account.. :P

After finishing Badami , Aihole and Pattadakallu I headed towards Hampi. I did not know about Hospete (Probably I did not study well before going to hampi. A big mistake from my side..!)  But once I reached Hospet, only then I realized its a pretty big and decent town. Enough hotels and lodges available in Hospet and Hampi is just 13 kms from here. I would suggest Hospet is the best option to stay since it has all facility and is well connected to Hampi. 

Early morning I left to Hampi and once again I was not sure about the option I should take up to round the 'ancient city' - Hampi..! Thought of taking some bike for rent over there. (There are rental bikes available for 150-200 rs near the main temple in Hampi) But, thought that would not be the best option since I would be wasting much of time in finding the route or planning the route and right at that time this auto driver came to me saying he will take me around the whole place for just rs 350.! I felt its a fair deal and boarded his auto - purpose served, he showed me all the places, saved time, economical and a bonus was he was kinda guide to me too..!

Hampi has got a lot of attractions and if you wanna  study about it, better hire a guide for whole day and extract as much as possible from him. However, most of the places do not need a guide if you just wanna witness the greatness of the dynasties which ruled Hampi. But, a guide is a must in the main attraction of Hampi - The Vijaya Vittala temple. Without a guide probably its difficult to appreciate the beauty and greatness of the place.! The world famous stone chariot, the musical pillars everything are present in this place and make sure you have atleast 2.5 hours to spend in this place. If you are a kannadiga, then Hampi is one of the place not to be missed in your life time. Even if you are touring to Karnataka and not sure about the places to be visited, mark this. Its worth spending a day here and also do visit Badami, Pattadakallu and Aihole

How to reach.?
There are enough buses from most part of Karnataka to Hospet and once in Hospet, reaching Hampi is just a matter of half an hour journey.

Reaching Hampi and staying in Hampi is not at all a challenge, challenge is making your mind to get off your bed on a weekend and head towards the destination..! 

Photos -

If the empire had as big 'Palace' as in 2nd pic just for its royal elephants, then we can imagine how big the actual palace where king lived would have been..!! 
It believed during Krishnadevaraya, the empire had over 5000 elephants. I just feel so proud that I am from a country where a kind could afford to have 5000 elephants..!!