Saturday 20 September 2014

Amboli and Swapnaveil

Swapnaveil -

 A difficult to reach place, but all good things in life are not easy to obtain and so is this heaven.

No proper approach road, no proper sign boards leading to the place but an excellent show arranged for you by nature. (But only for a limited period in a year. i.e. during monsoon - from July - October)

What do you get to see in Swapnaveil?
A few small falls and an excellent view of forest/Ghat section from a cliff. We visited the place during monsoon and it was an out of the world experience here.

Most of the people here do not really know the place. Even the taxi driver did not know this place and the place was suggested to me by a friend of mine. A must visit kind of place but only if you are here during monsoon.

Amboli -

A very famous tourist attraction in Karnataka - Maharashtra border area. A nice place to take get refreshed under falls. Even if you are not a water lover, you will love to see the falls in a scenic foreground.

Mist is what adds to the beauty of both the places.

Can plan as given below -

1 - Visit Amboli and feel refreshed in the falls, have a nature watch at all nature watch spots near by.

2 - Visit Hiranyakeshi (A small cave which gives birth to a river. Nice one to visit once since its nearby)

3 - Visit Swapnaveil

4 - Visit Thillari falls if time permits (I have not visited the place since we did not have time to visit.)

How to reach?

Hiring a taxi or own vehicle are the only 2 options if you want to cover all the above places.

(While hiring taxi, please confirm with the taxi guys about the Maharastra state tax to be paid. Some arrange taxi without any extra charges so do confirm before hand. )

Public transport is available to Amboli but not so frequent. No public transport available to Thillari and Swapnaveil.

Photos -


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