Monday 10 March 2014


Bored of trekking? Or in search of a good place for a family trip or a fun ride? This is one of the good ones near Bangalore. Wiki calls it a waterfall but I would say it is not. It’s gush of water in between rocks making a roar and giving some thrill to someone who watches it. If you have in mind that it’s a waterfall and some calm water available at the bottom of falls to swim, you will be disappointed. It’s a wide river flowing in a very narrow path made by natural rocks.  Water is ferocious and any drama there would cost life. Some thrilling spots available though and can go to those rocks at your own risk (Not too much of risk though. But refrain from taking kids to such places.)

I have visited the place twice and would not mind visiting a few more times too. River Kaveri and Arkavathi confluence is called Sangama you need to park your vehicle there. Cross the river (‘Teppa’ service available if water level is high, if not can cross on your own.!)  A few very old buses available from there to Mekedaatu (Rs 40 as of july 2013) and it’s fun to travel in those buses, esp if you would like to sit on the top of the bus. I did and its fun!

My second visit to the place was unplanned one or can call it a different plan finally turned out to be a visit to Mekedatu. Me and Charan planned to visit Muthathi for all the hype that place has over internet. Thought it would be a great treat to eyes but only found it to be a pathetic place to witness all the bad we do to nature. The river bank in Muthathi is so dangerous to walk with all empty drinks’ bottles thrown carelessly inspite of ‘Strict rules’ (?) by forest department on not carrying Liquor anywhere nearby. Disappointed we, had to visit some other place and my pick was riding to Mekedaatu and it was a nice 2nd time experience.
Mekedaatu is 100kms away from Bangalore and is present in Kanakapura Taluk. Road condition is excellent till and I promise you will experience a very good ride/drive. After that for a small distance the road condition is bad with a small ghat section.

How to reach?
I would prefer private vehicle for this place and I am not sure about public transport availability. However till Kanakapura good number of buses are available from Bangalore.

Driving direction – Bangalore -> Kanakapura -> Sangama.

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