Sunday 21 July 2013

Kabbalidurga Trek

KabbaliDurga - one more monolith just like – SavanDurga and Madhugiri

After a long gap of more than 2 months, I badly wanted a trek and just checked my list of ‘To be visited’ places and found this one as the best for the day.

Just like any other trek which falls in Kanakapura area, had breakfast in JP Nagar Davanagere benne dose which gives the best start to any trek. J

KabbaliDurga is a shrine and devotees from nearby villages and even neighboring districts come here. To my wonder, I saw a person lifting around 8-10 Kg weighing stone in single hand to the level of his shoulder and climbing the hill and I must say I was shaken by his devotion..!

The hill is quite challenging and gives a nice trekking experience. Even though the distance to climb doesn’t seem to be much, the inclination is more and hence the difficulty. You will need maximum of 2-2.5 hrs to climb and less than 1 hr to come down. Again, the breeze can be compared with the one in Madhugiri, SavanaDurga etc.

How to Reach?
Bangalore -> Kanakapura(~50kms) -> Sathanur (17kms) -> Kabbali (6Kms)

The more you take unusual route in the hill, the more exciting is the trek. Just that be careful in hard rock. Not advisable in rainy season.


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