Friday 19 July 2013


Shivanasamudra is a place which is one of those MUST VISIT places near Bangalore. But, choose the right time to visit the place as it would be great only when water level in Kaveri is good.
There  are 3 places in Shivanasamudra to be visited. – Bluff (or Gaganachukki), Gaganachukki start point and Bharachukki.

Bharachukki is the best of all and gives a heavenly feel. ‘Teppa’ service is available here and for around 10mins ride they charge Rs100. The view is excellent. However, the place will be very much crowded most of the time.

If you just want to see the turbulence of river, then visit only the place from where GaganChukki starts. (Also called as Gaganachukki Madarasa view point. This place is on the way to Bharachukki falls and definitely a place to visit.) But, if you equally enjoy the beauty of falls, then you have to go to place called Bluff and feel the real beauty of ‘Smoke’ created by the water fall. In Gaganachukki, they have put fences and hence you cannot go near the waterfall.

How to reach?

Riding/Driving on your own is the best option since there are multiple places in and around to be visited and taking a public transport is not a good idea.

There are 2 routes to Reach Shivanasamudra
1)      Bangalore -> Kanakapura -> Malavalli -> Shivanasamudra

2)      Bangalore (take Mysore road) -> Maddur(take a left from Maddur towards Malavalli) -> Malavalli -> Shivanasamudra.

Distance from Bangalore to Shivanasamudra (~170kms) and also the road condition is almost the same in both the roads. However, in Mysore road, you have a National Highway till Maddur.
If you are visiting Shivanasamudra, then plan it well so that you have enough time to visit Talakadu and Somanathapura temple. (I could not visit Somanathapura temple since it closes by 5.30 and you should be there atleast by 4.30)

Talakadu is a place to get amazed that how come so much of sand here and come back. Not anything great except that in my opinion. However, the temples there are good and definitely a must visit when its just 10-15kms away from Shivanasamudra.

If you are planning to stay in Mysore then, the best way to reach from these places to Mysore is via Narsipura. Road condition is good too.

If in Mysore then visit -> GopalaswamyBetta  (Can say a Must visit)


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