Tuesday 2 July 2013

Siddara Betta

Siddarabetta – As the name says, it’s said to be hill of Saints. It’s believed that, hundreds of saints performed meditation in the hill.  It’s a shrine and hundreds of piligrims climb the hill bare foot here. Climbing the hill is not a big deal, there is a shivalinga on Hill top. Rituals are performed in the place. All these are done only till afternoon and later the crowd will be little less. From the temple, there starts a cave and if you can get some guide to take you in, the visit becomes a worth one. Because, for trekking enthusiasts, the real fun is going in the cave.

The cave is the one where people believe there were saints meditating and definitely the cave is a perfect place to meditate. It’s not exactly a cave, but a place between/beneath rocks and there is good chance of getting lost if you  go by yourselves. There are places which are totally dark and hence just like any other place, carry a torch which is always helpful

One unfortunate thing here is that the hill is not kept clean and soon the hill will be covered completely with plastics and I wonder people climb with so much of holy feel but never thought of keeping it clean and healthy. Unless the hill is clean, there will be hardly any power existing there. 

How to reach?

If you are taking public transport, reach Koratagere (Pawagada bus from bangalore) and then from Koratagere, private buses are available to Siddarabetta. However, the frequency is very low and its better to go by your own.

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