Tuesday 2 July 2013

Raamanagara Betta

Ramanagara or Rama devara Betta is one of the most famous hill in entire country because of the movie whose record is yet to be broken – The Sholey.

The huge rocks of Ramanagara populary called as ‘Ramanagarada Bandegalu’ attracts everyone who passes by Bangalore Mysore road. But, very few actually go and feel the roughness of it.

There are many hills in this place and you can choose any of them. The place is pretty calm and nice. On a sunny day off course Hot, but still contains the breeze.

Climb a few steps, you reach a temple and from there is where your actual trekking starts. Huge rock and take the support of the railings and steps (not really :P) and climb to the top, you find some wonderful view and definitely a satisfaction of being to the place.

If you are to this place, then you will be able to finish the trek in half a day and you can also plan to visit Jaanapada loka which is near by. I would call Jaanapada loka as one more fine place near Bangalore which is a must visit if you are on the way.

Trekking level is in between low and medium.

How to reach?
Ramanagara is one of the easiest to reach place as it falls in Bangalore Mysore High way. If you are towards Mysore from Bangalore, take right just before you reach Ramanagara and go forward a couple of kms, you are there..! J


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