Tuesday 2 July 2013


SaavanDurga - Largest Monolith in Asia
Saavandurga is said to be the largest Monolith in Asia (Wiki) and if you are hiking the place, you can always be proud that you have trekked to the top of the largest monolith in Asia. J

On 07-07-2012, it was Saavandurga in my mind and I had 3 friends of mine with me – Abhilash, Charan and Vishwas. 
We took a bus from Kalasipalya and reached Savandurga base. The very view of the huge rock itself was great and we headed towards the top. With all sweat, we reached the hill top, little tired since the rock challenges you a bit. But, the same rock provided all reason to be happy at the moment and the cool breeze blew all the sweat away along with our tiredness. After taking good view from the hill top, carrying memories, we headed back to the base.

Can say the toughness to be medium when it comes to Saavandurga. But, definitely one to be visited if you are someone who climbs mountains – ‘Just for the heck of it’ !

How to reach?
Public transport available but from Kalasipalya. Take a bus from Kalasipalya to Hosapete (Buses present are to Magadi and Hosapete is on the way to Magadi).
Return bus available to Bangalore directly at 3.00pm and is the last bus from the place.

If you are riding/driving on your own, you don’t have to worry all these. All you have to do is to ride ~60kms from Bangalore on Magadi Road and then towards Savandurga. J

PS - I am writing the blog close to an year after I have visited the place, but it still stands among one of the special ones near Bangalore. Definitely a worth visit trekking peak.

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