Tuesday 2 July 2013



This was my first ever trek after coming to bangalore and after getting into a busy work life. As any firsts, this  first also remains a special one forever.
I had just 2 previous trekking experience and this was the 3rd one.
After checking hundreds of blogs and sites, finally decided, yes this is the one which I want to start with and just needed a company and Vineeth was there for me the day.

Climb a couple of hundred steps, you find a simple temple with few shop keepers and hundreds of monkey around you. A clear path leads you to the hill top and once you reach hill top, local school going kids will be waiting for people like us to guide. Yes, we need them or else, we will not be able to see the real beauty of Antharagange - the caves. The kids will lead you to 2 caves present near by which is what you have come for.
When it comes to difficulty level, can say Antharagange is in Easy level
Antharagange has given me one of those profile pictures which I would like to post it for ever and here it is.!

Reaching Antharagange is as simple as it is.
I would prefer Riding to Kolar from Bangalore as it is one of the finest roads. Kolar is ~65kms away from Bangalore and once you cross all traffic hurdles of bangalore, its hardly an hour away from you. Take left just before Kolar bus stop and 2kms away is the base of Antharagange :)

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