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Out Of Office - Kodachadri Trek

Kodachadri aka Mugilu Pete aka Kutachadri aka Heaven on earth !

Kodachadri is one of those peaks in Karnataka which was rated to be in top 3 peaks of Karnataka by 'Jnana peeta' awardee and the vivid traveller Sri Shivarama Karantha.

In a fine season, probably this is the best place you can think of. If you do not have the strength to trek, but have a gut heart to sit in a jeep droven in the worst ever road you  can think of, then you can even take the option of going by Jeep to the peak and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. Several movies are being shot in the place and is rated to be one of the finest place by any travellers.

However, we had least interest in going by jeep (but I would go to same place again and take the jeep drive since it is called to be a great thrilling experience) We trekked to and fro. Till Hidlumane falls, its a very regular road from the base and you can enjoy sometime in the chilled water of falls if the water level is less. From Hidlumane, its grassland and forest area and an enjoyable trekking experience. Plan such that you dont miss the sunset.

Our greatest experience was trekking back and it was night trek in all DARK..! To add to the trill was one place which was skidding very much and in that night, we felt someone has increased the length of that area because we did not feel it to be that long when we hiked.

It was a total ~18-19Kms in a day and we were totally broken when we reached back to the Home stay which we had booked. The homestay provided good food and a normal stay. Enjoyed the Trek Overall.
For people planning to stay on hill top, Tents are not allowed strictly and hence you can stay back in Bhattara mane which is very close to peak. I unfortunately have no contact details, but I feel they provide you  the stay even if you dont inform before hand unless they dont have any space to adjust.

Second Visit Experience
First visit was 100% satisfying with respect to trekking since we had trekked back to base in the night! But with respect to view and nature, I was not satisfied. Also, had not got the experience of Jeep ride.. So, visited second time to Kodachadri with my friends from Manipal. This time we decided to stay at top of the hill. Tenting in hill top is strictly prohibitted and hence we stayed in one of the Bhattara mane present at hill top. If you can book PWD guest house, then there is one at hill top. Advantage of staying there is getting the morning view. We woke up early and trekked to peak from Bhattara mane which is just 1 or 2 kms from peak. Had wonderful view. Believe me, if it was somewhere in Oct-Dec, then it would have looked like heaven, but even otherwise it was not bad, just that greenery was missing a bit. But the morning freshness is so amazing at hill top. We danced for sometime and while coming back came in Jeep. Jeep ride is fun in its own way and need to experience once in life.. :)

How to Reach ?
There are 2 ways to reach, One through Udupi and other one through Shimoga.
We went through Shimoga and early morning we had to wait for more than an hour for the buses to start. From shimoga, you have to reach Nittur. You can go to Hosanagara and then to Nittur. Hiring a vehicle from Shimoga is also not a bad idea.

The below one is Shankaracharya peetha present in the hill top.

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