Friday 19 July 2013

Gopalaswamy Betta

Wanna Enjoy Heaven on Earth? Ask me. I have seen it in a few places and one of them is Gopalaswamy Betta. I have not yet been to Northern parts of  India, or else would have encountered quite a few Heavens.!

Why heaven?
The scenic beauty will make anyone utter this if he loves the nature. The place is totally covered with mist and fog. The weather is so chilled and great. Perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature for some time and then have a nice ride.

Since its thick forest all around, there is high security and lets all not breach it and enter forest creating nuisance and then making it a place banned for visit in future.
There is a temple as any other hills in this country. However, I saw god outside the temple in the nature J

How to reach?
From Mysore, take Ooty road -> Gundlupete -> Nanjanagudu -> Gopalaswamy Betta. Its around 70kms from Mysore. Road condition is excellent.

Note – They allow you to the hill only after 8.30. (We had been at 9.15 on July 14 2013 and no worries.. During this time, reaching after 9 is not an issue at all. Its perfect)


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  1. Hi Niranjan,

    I am overwhelmed by your response, over 100s of blogs on this place, you are the only person to have shown respect, love and admiration.

    this tells me that you have spark in you to save such unique landscapes.Do reach out to me.

    I am a member of group who have toiled years to undo the damage by tourists.