Saturday 29 June 2013

Raagalli Betta

Raagalli Betta is one of those dangerous hills which have come in news quite some time.
It was just 2 months after our visit to the hill, we learnt from the news that an engineer was killed by elephant attack.! So, I am not sure how much safe the place is.

When we visited, even we came to know that there are a lot of elephants in the hill and surrounding forest and its very dangerous to go all by yourselves without any localities accompanying you. Luckily(?) we got a villager and went for trekking. Without a local company, there is heavy chance of you getting lost in the forest, so it is always better (can even say a must) to have a local company.

It’s a deep forest of Bannerghatta range. You get an elephant or not, but definitely you will get a clue of elephant having a walk in same place sometime before. Also, you can find foot marks of wild bear.  (One of my friend who visited somedays later found 2-3 deers in same place. Unfortunately I dint find one. L) Also, most important thing is, don’t get messed up with forest officers since we would have almost done if they had been near to where we were. We were close to a Km away from them so we were safe. Overall, if was one of the most thrilling experience ever in my life.

I don’t want to suggest this to anyone since I don’t want someone to mess up with the problem, but if you want a good trekking experience, definitely this is one.

How to reach?
Raagalli betta is one more trekking place present in Kanakapura road. The nearest landmark can be said as APS college. 2 kms after APS college, take left and continue for 4-5 kms, you reach a small village minikola and from there you start your trek. 

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