Wednesday 26 June 2013

DudhSagar / Doodhsagar trekking + Belgaum tour

Belgaum is one of the most beautiful district in Karnataka with an ideal weather and scenic values. It falls under Malnad area and has some mind blowing scenic ghat sections and forests.

In the tour, could not cover many a places and I keep the Belgaum spot open for a second tour.

My school friends Abhilash, Charan and Vishwas were with me this time. Even though it was not the perfect time to visit Doodhsagar and Gokak falls, I just did not want to postpone the tour and hence went for it on – 13-10-2012.

We visited many a places on first day and special one was off course Gokak falls which gave me a few memorable photos like –

We had mainly gone for the trek to Doodhsagar falls and on the 2nd day, we planned for it and I must say, it was one of the most different trekking experience since there were no Ups and Downs, but was a railway track trek. The distance and also the boulders present in railway track make the trek a challenging one.

Can say difficult level to be high considering the distance. One way distance comes no less than 15kms and you can return from doodhsagar in the train which halts in the small railway station (?) just for a minute or 2.

Until above, what i wrote is my 1st experience with Dudhsagar. But, to be frank, I had missed 80% of dudhsagar's actual beauty in my 1st visit and had I not visited for the second time during september 2014, i would not have realized that I had missed it last time. The place is at its best during monsoon and I would say I have not seen any falls to give so much of fun when visited in right time. The rain adds to the happiness and all these are only or those who enjoy water falling on them and those who love getting wet in nature..! Did not get good photos during the second visit but have got a lot of memories in second visit to dudhsagar. (However, not really happy the way so called 'Educated people' behave. I have seen educated people throwing plastics, bottles everywhere around. I heard someone asking to his friend- "How does it feel to be in nature..?"  and unfortunately I saw same person throwing some waste into nature. If we feel like enjoying the nature, lets keep it the way it is supposed to be.!)

If on any day other than sunday, then direct train is not available from Belgaum to castle rock. So, following would be a few alternative plans.

Reach Londa By road from Belgaum (Or via train. Bangalore - Belgaum trains go to Belgaum via Londa.) and reach Londa by 8. Catch Chennai - Vasco train from Londa at 8.30 and reach Castle rock.

Return Train comes to Belgaum directly but one needs to buy the ticket from Castle rock in the morning itself since tickets are not given in Dudhsagar.

In the second visit, had been to places nearby Belgaum and details of them available here - Swapanveil and Amboli Ghat which are once again amazing places nearby.

A simple plan of 3 days in Belgaum would be -
Day 1 - Visit Amboli ghat , Swanpanveil, Hiranyakeshi , Thillari falls
Day 2 - DudhSagar
Day 3 - Gokak Falls, Godachinmaki falls.

How to reach?
The only path available to Doodhsagar is Railway path and if you want to trek, you have to choose it from ‘Castle rock’ station which is the station before doodhsagar.

Below are a few photos from second visit. However could not take photos of the falls properly since hardly got any chance to take the camera out near falls.

Railway track to Dudhsagar - Completely covered with mist during Rainy season
Gokak Falls during Rainy Season

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