Tuesday 25 June 2013


Kumaraparvatha - Every hiker's dream

If you say you are a trekking enthusiast, the first question you get from one is - "Did you climb Kumaraparvatha?" and I should say, I kind of got addicted to trekking just because of Kumaraparvatha. It was my very second trekking way back in my college days (15-03-2010)

Had a very bad pain in my hand but, could not afford to miss this chance as it was planned by me and Rajesh. More over, did not want to miss the dream trek.

We were a nine member group - Me, Rajesh, Rakshith, Abhijith, Vikas, Sathvik ,Karthick, Raju and Steve. Kukke Subrahmanya is hardly 50 kms from my home and hence reaching the place was not a big deal. Early morning we reached Subrahmanya, had breakfast and started towards the famous - Bhattara mane which is the only home in the entire Kumaraparvatha. We had already informed them about our arrival and had asked to arrange lunch for us. We reached there in the noon. Till Bhattara mane, its forest area and you dont feel the heat of sun much. Had lunch there, took rest for an hour and then started towards peak. From Bhattara mane, its totally grassland and in summer, its a hard one if you are starting from bhattara mane in the noon. However, we had to walk in the same sun and we reached the peak by 6.30pm. After 5pm, mist started covering the area and the visibility was not more than 10-15 mts. Its a great feel when the cold breeze hits your sweaty face. We slept in the open area with camp fire. If you dont have some fuel to support your camp fire, its next to impossible to keep it alive. Enough firewood will be available if you are visiting during summer. Extreme care should be taken if you are going for a camp fire since the entire mountain range will be covered with dry grass leading to the risk.

Kumaraparvatha is believed to be a house for various animals, reptiles etc. However, we did not find any, but there is a good chance of finding some.

Difficulty level can be said as High since you will have to trek around 26kms in total.

How to reach -
If you  are going from Bangalore, you have direct buses to Kukke Subrahmanya. Walk for 2 kms and you reach the base of Kumaraparvatha. 6kms from base is Bhattara mane. Once you reach bhattara mane peak is just 7 kms. You do not need any guide to trek here since there is a clear path (not a road) till the peak.
There is absolutely no other means of reaching the Peak from base other than your own strong legs. :)

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