Saturday 29 June 2013


Madhugiri is one of those places which provide a true trekking experience and aslso enough opportunities for rock climbing etc.

It is the 2nd largest Monolith in Asia and adding to it is the beauty of the fort.

Even if I like travelling alone, never thought I will have that hunger to complete a trek all alone. Wanted to test if I can complete it all alone or will I quit half a way feeling bored to climb alone. It was all together a new experience. Everyone whom I interacted with asked if I am I trekking alone? I even got some free suggestions not to trek that way. 

I met a great dad in the trek and I would remember him for really long time. He had come with his 2 kids. One aged around 10 years and another aged around 6. He was not rich in his gesture but am sure he was really rich from his heart. He had already climbed the Madhugiri hill as he was from a nearby place and this time he wanted to show it to his kids! All he had with him was a pack of Biscuits and a water bottle. Unfortunately the bottle fell from his hand and it rolled down the rocks in a speed that can scare anyone! Fortunately I had an extra bottle of water which I could give him. These are some of the special experiences which you can get when you travel alone. You can speak to unknown people, share experience and gain some too.

The rocks are deceiving  and when you feel you are done, you find the next. However, once you finish the trekking, there is a great view waiting for you. Hill top has an old fort which is just not ready to accept its defeat against the nature and time. More than anything else, even if the area around is very hot, the cold breeze takes away all the heat from the place and gives an amazing feel.
Madhugiri is one of those trekking place which I wish to go again and again.

How to reach?
Taking public transport is also not a bad idea since enough buses ply from Bangalore to Pavagada which goes via Madhugiri.
If you are going by your own, reach Dobaspete in Tumkur Highway and take right from there. Road condition is excellent til dobespet and average from there. Trekking takes around ~2.5hrs and travel takes way more than that. But I promise you will carry a lot of memories from Madhugiri. A worth visit place.

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