Saturday 29 June 2013


Shivagange - I don’t know how should I describe the place? A trekking place or a shrine?

Hundreds of people come to the place daily and climb here and hence I cant really call it a trekking place. You can call it a trekking place since you get enough to hike.
Half a way is the temple to which most of the people come and there will be a huge Q lined up to go inside as there is where the ‘ganga’ of the place is available. There is a small well kind of in which water is reachable and not everyone get the water in it. People feel so blessed if they get to touch the water from the well.

From that place, nearly a km away is the peak where there is a Nandi statue. There is a good view from there and once again the place is not free from crowd.

How to reach?
Shivagange is ~60kms from Bangalore and you can ride on your own or even take public transport. Both ways, you have to reach Dobespet which is in Bangalore – Tumkur high way. Take left from Dobespet and go for 8kms, you reach Shivagange.

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