Thursday 27 June 2013


Hogenakal is one of the finest waterfall near Bangalore. Even if the height of the waterfall is not great, the beauty mesmerizes you. On a sunny day, the area is hot enough to burn you. Unfortunately I had been on a very bright day and to add to it, I took public vehicle and can say that was a bad idea. L

However, the time I was in Hogenakal was worth it. Got some good photos. I had been to the place alone and I did not mind going alone as long as I was sure that the place I am visiting is good.

To the people who love Fish, probably you would enjoy it a lot since they fry the fresh water fish which they catch from there only. I somehow felt the tourism Dept should take care that the beauty of the place is not spoiled because of this. Unfortunately we Indians are not taught the usage of Dustbins and we find each beautiful as the best dustbin in the world. You find the fish bones lying everywhere you go. L

Forget the fights between Karnataka and Tamil nadu, just enjoy the beauty of mother nature who never saw differentiated between us. She looks beautiful the way she is.

Hogenakal can be said as a ‘Must Visit’ place near Bangalore. And the pictures below say it again to you.!

How to reach?

I would say, take your own vehicle since the public transport available is not that great inspite of Hogenakal being one of the finest tourism spot. There are buses available but the quality of service is not even in acceptable standards.

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